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sphinx-autodoc2 is a Sphinx extension that automatically generates API documentation for your Python packages.

Static analysis of Python code

There is no need to install your package to generate the documentation, and sphinx-autodoc2 will correctly handle if TYPE_CHECKING blocks and other typing only features.

Sphinx parse warnings correctly point to the source code line, and not the generated documentation.

You can even document packages from outside the project (via git clone)!

Integrated API documentation generation

Document genration is integrated with the Sphinx build process, rather than requiring the separate sphinx-apidoc CLI tool.

Optimized for rebuilds

Analysis of packages and file rendering are cached, so you can use sphinx-autodoc2 in your development workflow.

Support for __all__

sphinx-autodoc2 can follow __all__ variable, to only document the public API.

Support for both rst and md docstrings

sphinx-autodoc2 supports both rst and md (MyST) docstrings, which can be mixed within the same project.

Highly configurable

sphinx-autodoc2 is highly configurable, with many options to control the analysis and output of the documentation.

Decoupled analysis and rendering

The analysis and rendering of the documentation are decoupled, and not dependent on Sphinx.

This means that you can use sphinx-autodoc2 to generate documentation outside of Sphinx (see the autodoc2 command line tool).

Get started with the Quickstart Guide

Or checkout the the Example API Documentation